Friday, October 30, 2009

Sanyo NVM-4050 GPS

  1. Keep PNAShell.exe running for the Menu/Power button to work
  2. Kill MainPanel.exe before running Media player
  3. It can be wrapped in a MortScript to launch media player by the following command
    CallScript("MplayerLauncher.mscr", "\myflashdisk\programs\mediaplayer", "Player.exe")
    The content of the MplayerLauncher.mscr is shown below:
    CWD = SystemPath("ScriptPath")
    appFolder = argv[1]
    appEXE = argv[2]
    MainPanelRunning = "true"
    If(MainPanelRunning eq "true")
    Waitfor("MainPanel", 3)
    BigMessage(appFolder\appEXE&" was not found. Install the application to that path and try again.","Application not found")
  4. Native support by GAPI can be achieved by selecting the Acer P615 device for both 16 and 32 bit (thanks to Robert) . Otherwise use emulator (GAPI to GDI wrapper).
  5. When a corrupted folder is detected in myflashdisk by the windows CE, open error checking from XP to check the flash drive
  6. CPU ARM920T S3C2443 (thanks to Checko), Windows CE 5.0 core, 480x272 screen
  7. Bootloader's menu (unbrick a bricked GPS)
    • Download the driver package from here
    • Hold down the Menu button while powering it on or hard reset
    • Connect the unit to PC via USB
    • Install the driver secbulk.inf for SEC SOC USB Bulk IO Test Board Secbulk from the USB driver folder 
    • Run the USB/Serial Downloader DNW5.0e.exe 
    • Make a test of USB connection by clicking the” USB port/Status”. If all is ok go to next step
    • Click “USB port/Transmit” and select the file “MioP550 - Osc260A R05_P09.nb0” repair the WinCE (not working yet)
    • Press the reset button to reboot.


KevKha said...


Thanks for the good notes. Can you share the "SEC SOC USB Bulk IO Test Board Secbulk" driver? The link is dead and I could not find it else where.

Thanks in advance.


Checko said...

The CPU seems to be S3C2443..

Robert said...

Native support by GAPI can be achieved by selecting the Acer P615 device (both 16 and 32 bit works.)

Apparently they use the same chipset, and identify the same way through the kernel.

DK said...

Link for driver download is dead