Thursday, May 29, 2008

Clone PATA to SATA hard drive in windows XP

Acronis True Image is a very good software for clone hard drives. I forgot to detach the old PATA drive before booting from the new SATA drive and that caused me a lot of trouble. WinXP seems to keep all the assigned drive letters on the old PATA drive and the SATA drive didn't get the correct drive letter assigned to its boot partition as stored in the registry.

Then the following happened after the old PATA drive was removed: After you try to log on to your Windows by using a valid user name and password, the Loading your personal settings dialog box is displayed, followed by the Saving your settings dialog box. However, the desktop does not appear, and the Welcome to Windows logon screen is displayed again.

I searched the internet and found the following MS KB article #1. The articel provides 5 solutions to this problem. And I tried solution 3 with remote registry and removed the full path to the Userinit.exe entry. It worked and I was able to log onto windows again! I then performed the steps described in the following MS KB article #2 to re-assign the proper drive letter to my boot partition and reboot.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Using Cygwin

  • rgrep -R '*.h' VM86 .
  • bash: $'\r': command not found
cd /etc/profile.d
dos2unix *.sh

PassivePorts 65200 65249

<Limit LOGIN>
Order allow,deny
Allow from 192.168.0.
Deny from all

#Configuring ProFTPD behind a NAT