Friday, June 11, 2010

Upgrade error 3211266 from vista to windows 7

At ~63-66% of the last stage of the upgrade, if there's a message "Setup can't continue. Your computer will now restart, and your previous version of Windows will be restored.", one should check logs in the folder $WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther 

If the following line is appearing in setupact.log
InstallWindows:Error Type = 3211266. Check whether the following lines are found in the same file
MIG Calling IDiscovery::Discover for Plugin={ServerPath="%SYSTEM32%\migration\commig.dll", CLSID={AB1D4748-682E-40AE-8CFA-6E3F8A5ED6BC}, ThreadingModel=Apartment}, UserContext:System
COutOfProcPluginFactory::LaunchSurrogateHost: WaitForSingleObject for hInitCompletionEvent timeout. There's typically a FatalError in the next few lines.

Implement all the following steps can fix the error and finish the upgrade:
  • Uninstall TightVNC
  • Uninstall Pure Codec
  • System locale set to English
It's recommended to uninstall any Anti-virus programs before the upgrade but I didn't uninstall mine.

Ref: Windows 7 upgrade fails during migration (63%-66%)