Friday, October 30, 2009

Nintendo Wii

  1. My Wii was purchased as a bundle from and has a serial number of LU 3086XXXXX. Its DVD drive chipset is GC2R-D2B.
  2. To open up the console, a special tool -- Tri-wing Screwdriver is needed. I got it from for $3.99+$1.30 shipping (Air Economy Bubble). I also have a small philipps screwdriver for other screws.
  3. The Wii modchip I have is WiiKit, which is based on WiiKey with the extra feature of an optional wires installation. I got it from for $9.99+$8.49 shipping (Registered Air Mail).
  4. I followed this Guide to disassemble the Nintendo Wii (Video and Pictures).
  5. Since the WiiKit comes with the installation wires, all I need is a soldering iron with a sharp tip and solder. The soldering job is straightford according to this picutre.
  6. Download the latest Update and Config disc files from the official website of Wiikey and generate the ISO images according to the Readme.txt file after extracting them (using the fixsize.cmd and filechop.exe).
  7. I burned the image to a TEON 8X DVD-R at 4/8X speed and TDK 16X DVD+R at 6/16X speed with either a Toshiba or Optiarc burner.
  8. Insert the burned Update disc into Wii and it updated the firmware of the Wiikey to the latest version (two cycles: one test and one actual update). Insert the burned Config disc after rebooting, the Wiikey Setup Menu showed up. It confirmed the installation of the Wiikit is good. I don't have a gamecube controller, so I have to use the reset button on the console to access the Setup Menu as suggested in the Readme.txt file.
  9. Guide -- Wii Disc Backup
  10. WII ModChip Compatibility List
  11. Wii SoftMod guide for System Firmware 4.1 and below: No need to disassemble your wii or use a soldering iron. All you need is a SD card.
  12. How to add/import a WBF file on a PC hard drive into a WBFS partition: I was able to do it with the wbfs.exe (wbfs windows port build 'delta'. Mod v1.7 by flfl.) tool from the package wbfs中文管理器2.91. The syntax is wbfs n a filename.wbf (assuming n: is the drive letter for the WBFS partition and a for add.). After it's done, the games installed on the WBFS partition can be listed by wbfs n l (l for list). You may need the file wwbfs.exe in the same folder as wbfs.exe and the wbf file to make it work. 
  13. How to add/import a WBFS file on a PC hard drive into a WBFS partition: An excellent GUI tool called Wii Backup Manager. I tried version 0.3.6 beta1.
  14. Unofficial USB to Ethernet adaptes for Wii

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