Friday, October 30, 2009

Knowledgetree document management software

  • WebDAV:
    1. Don't rename the root folder. Otherwise access from WebDAV will be broken and the error says the folder is no longer available.
    2. No matter what name you give to the root folder, after turning on WebDAV Debug, the log shows KTWEBDAV [info] Root Folder is : Root Folder
  • Indexer Problem A: All documents are sitting in the quene to be indexed but none were indexed
    1. Change in config.ini or at URL /admin.php?kt_path_info=config/generalconfigpage to set loglevel=DEBUG
    2. Modify the file search2/bin/cronIndexer.php and change the line
    3. Enter the folder bin/luceneserver and edit to have the following contents:

    4. Access forbidden error found in the log file at var/log after the following line
    5. Modify the .htaccess file to allow access
    6. Indexer working

  •  Indexer problem B: File not indexed since it had the wrong extension
  1. Go to database dms table document_content_version
  2. Search for the known document_id that had indexing problem and write down its mime_id
  3. Search for this mime_id in the table mime_types: e.g. 167 has filetypes pptx but the file should have file type ppt (mime_id: 74)
  4. Update to the correct mime_id of the document in the table document_content_version
  • LDAP accounts import with uid set as default username
    Edit the file
    locate the following line in functions _do_editUserFromSource() and _do_massCreateUsers()
    $sUserName = $aResults[$this->aAttributes[1]]
    change it to
    $sUserName = $aResults[$this->aAttributes[7]]
    Note the definition of the array aAttributes is
    var $aAttributes = array ('cn', 'samaccountname', 'givenname', 'sn', 'mail', 'mobile', 'userprincipalname', 'uid');

    In order to correct the behavior that Mass Import Search for users returns unwanted objectclasses, locate the following line in function searchUsers:
    $sFilter = !empty($sSearch) ? sprintf('(&(%s)(%s))', $sObjectClasses, $sSearchAttributes) : null;
    and change it to
    $sFilter = !empty($sSearch) ? sprintf('(&(%s)(%s))', $sObjectClasses, $sSearchAttributes) : '(objectClass=posixAccount)';
    Recently I found a need to customize the LDAP search filter, therefore now it looks like
    $sFilter = !empty($sSearch) ? sprintf('(&(%s)(%s)(!(employeeNumber=0)))', $sObjectClasses, $sSearchAttributes) : '(&(objectClass=posixAccount)(!(employeeNumber=0)))';
  • Increase Session Timeout:

    1. In Mandriva Linux, PHP Session Timeout is affected by the file /usr/lib/php/maxlifetime. Default is 1440 seconds (24 minutes). Updating the file /etc/php.d/47_session.ini to include the following: session.gc_maxlifetime = 30000 will increase the timeout to 500 minutes.
    2. The config_settings table is queryed and populated into the global variable $default in file lib/config/ within function populateDefault()

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