Friday, October 30, 2009

Samsung SPH-M500 cell phone

  • Discussion threads about Sprint SERO Plan: Fatwallet, Slickdeals

  • How to change your ESN number on a CDMA phone (haven't tried)
  • Download mode: When the phone is powered off, hold down key 9 and push PWR/END key at the same time to power it on. Then it will enter a Download Mode by showing Mode: Emergency and Port: USB.

  • Samsung PST dll file: discussion thread on Mobile-files

  • M500 service manual: discussion thread on Mobile-files

  • How to unlock the 6-digit SPC/MSL code of M500/M330:
    1. Install the Samsung MCCI Modem driver (Ver. 4.38.5 can be downloaded from Samsung) on your PC
    2. Plug in the USB data cable into the phone. You should see two new devices on your Windows Device Manager: Samsung Mobile Modem and Samsung USB Composite Device. Right click on Samsung Mobile Modem and click on Properties -> Advanced -> Advanced Port Settings. Set the COM port number to COM1 or COM2.
    3. Register an user on Mobile-files to download and run the Kyocera Slider Tool SE47. Select the COM port number you set in Step 2. and then click on the Connect button. The SPC code is displayed upon connection. Click the Connect button again and the SPC code will be set to all zeros: 000000.
    4. The SE47 tool also has a function for writing ESN into the phone (haven't tried).

  • How to activate SPH-M500/M330 on Verizon network or its MVNO (such as Page Plus cellular).
    1. Set the 6-digit SPC/MSL of M500 to all zeros with the method described above
    2. Download a Verizon PRL such as 52775.PRL
    3. Call your service provider and write down your Phone Number (MDN) and MSID (MIN)
    4. Enter "##000000#"from keypad of M500 to show the SVC menu and click Edit. Enter the Phone number and MSID obtained above.
    5. Open CDMA workshop 2.7 (which can be found on Mobile-files):
      • On the Main tab, select the correct COM port and click on the Connect button (the rightmost one)
      • After the connection is successful, click on the Security tab. In the left-bottom box named Password (16 digits), select Samsung (default) then click the Send button below. A message box should pop up saying the phone is unblocked.
      • Click on the Other tab. In the right-top box named PRL, click on the Read button to backup the sprint PRL of m500 with Universal method from NAM1. After the original PRL is backed up, click on the Write button next to it. Choose the 51600.PRL file and click Open, then click Ok.
      • After the Verizon PRL is written, go back to the Main tab and click the Mode button (second from left to right on the bottom) then click Reset. M500 will reboot.
    6. Program the M500 OTA by dialing *22890
    7. Update the PRL by dialing *228 and choose Option 2
    8. Make an outgoing call to complete the activation on Pageplus
    9. Reference: Verizon Handset Manual Activation on howard forums

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