Thursday, April 23, 2009

Power Consumption of my PCs measured by Kill A Watt P4400

  1. Custom build: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5050e, ECS GF8100VM-M3 motherboard with Gigabit NIC, one hard drive, 80-PLUS CORSAIR CMPSU-400CX 400W PS

    • Hibernating: 2W

    • Starting up/Shutting down: 50W

    • Idle: 40W (50W before installing the AMD CPU driver)

  2. PowerEdge 400SC: P4 2.4C, 1GB DDR memory, Radeon 9600, one SATA hard drive

    • Hibernating: 1W

    • Starting up/Shutting down: 108W

    • Idle: 61W

    • Web surfing: 70-90W

    • Playing back a WMV: 78W(81W with high quality mode)

    • Standby (S3): 4W (7% of idle power)

    • Standby (S1): 52W (85% of idle power)

    It costs me about $36=52*24*365/1000*$0.08 for standbying S1 a year. How to avoid that.

  3. Custom build: Sempron 3100+, 1GB DDR memory, Geforce 6200, two hard drives, Ultra 500W PS

    • Starting up/Shutting down: 110W

    • Idle: 73W/60W after removing one hard drive and all the add-on cards except for the video card

    • Web surfing: 75-100W

    • Playing back video: 78W

    • Viewing HDTV (720P) with a PCI TV card: 90W

    • Standby (S3): 6W (8% of idle power)

  4. Custom build: Duron 1.6G, 512MB SDRAM, Radeon 7500, one hard drive, Ultra 400W PS

    • Hibernating: 5W

    • Starting up/Shutting down: 90-100W

    • Idle: 79W

    • Web surfing: 85W

    • Standby (S3): 5W (6% of idle power)

  5. Linux router: Celeron 1.2G (tualatin), 256MB SDRAM, No video card, one hard drive, two NICs, 80-PLUS PC Power & Cooling Silencer PPCS370X 370W PS(or Powmax 300W PS)

    • Hibernating: 2W

    • Starting up/Shutting down: 47W(55W)

    • Normal: 42-43W(52-54W)

  6. Linux router: Dual-Core Celeron E1400, 2GB DDR2-800, TUL TG31-M2 (Intel G31) motherboard with gigabit NIC, one fast ethernet NIC, Two hardrives (one WD GP), 80-PLUS 370W PS
    • Hibernating: 2W

    • Starting up/Shutting down: 60-70W

    • Idle: 46W (44W after gigabit ethernet speed disabled)

    • Normal during hard drive IO: 48W

  7. LCD Monitor: 17 inch 1280x1024

    • Power off: 1W

    • Normal: 29W

    • Standby: 4W

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