Thursday, December 18, 2008

dumppo rocks

My dell PE 400SC had a problem of being unable to enter S3 sleep state although I selected S3 in the BIOS. I didn't know that's a problem of MS windows until I read this article.

I downloaded the recommended tool called dumppo from this site (right click on dumppo.exe then click Save Link As...).

When I checked my system by running the command dumppo ac
Min sleep state......: S1
Max sleep state......: S1
Reduced latency.sleep: S1

No wonder it doesn't enter S3 sleep state. Then I ran the command dumppo admin minsleep=s3 and checked again with dumppo ac
Min sleep state......: S3
Max sleep state......: S3
Reduced latency.sleep: S1

After that, it enters S3 like a charm and its power consumption at standby is reduced to 4W from 52W (what a difference). Now it will only wake up by pushing the power button.

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