Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My PAP2 stopped working

The VOIP ATA LinkSYS PAP2 at my home stopped working today. It has been working without any problems for more than 2 years since Oct. 2005. Now neither FXS port has dial tone any more although both lines appear online on its web interface. The two LEDS for the line status are both solid blue on the unit. I think the analog telephony chip which connects to the two FXS ports must be dead.

I ordered a PAP2T-NA as a replacement for ~$50 (including shipping) from Telephony depot. The model number on the box says PAP2T-NA but the sticker on the back of the unit says PAP2T. Anyway, after plugging into my home network, I can access its web server immediately:
  • DHCP is enabled
  • Blank passwords for user and admin
  • Provision is enabled with blank GPP-K value
  • On the info page under Product Information:
    • Product Name: PAP2T
    • Software Version: 3.1.15(LS)
    • Hardware Version: 0.3.5
The web interface is essentially identical to that of PAP2. So I changed the passwords and upgraded its firmware to the latest official version 5.1.6(LS) obtained from Linksys website after selecting "Version 1.0".

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