Friday, July 4, 2008

Make ATS 6011S work with Stanaphone-IN

After my old PAP2 ATA died, I tried to make my ATS 6011s work with Stanaphone since I can use Voipbuster from my cell phone with its local access number. The WAN port of 6011s is connected to one of the LAN ports of my router as is PAP2.

The HTTP server listening port of the built-in router is 8080 instead of the standard port 80.

The following was obtained from Ref 1 after a search in the internet:
Login: user/welcome - Regular user login that changes router settings
Login: tech/kaboom - Administrative that also adds voice changes

I set the NAT WAN Address to the WAN IP address of my router and NAT WAN Port to 5060 in the voice setup as shown below (click to enlarge):

I also forwarded the SIP and RTP ports to the ATA and set an IP filter to block its provisioning on my D-link router as shown below:

Then I did a reset of the unit from the handset "VOIP Settings->Reset" menu and waited for a few minutes. After it restarted with the above setting, the SIP status became "Needs Restart" as shown below, but I can receive incoming calls on my Stanaphone-IN number and call out too.



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Irha said...

What dialplan to use? Mine somehow shows blank and I am not sure what to use.

siliconbeaver said...

I have three ate 6011s bought at Staples several years ago and never unpacked. The post on ats 6011s reminds me of them. I decided to try and the phone works.


siliconbeaver said...
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Unknown said...

A follow-up.
Thanks. My ATS 6011S work fine so far.