Monday, August 6, 2007

Running Mozilla::Mechanize

  • Mozilla::Mechanize tries to be a sort of drop-in replacement for WWW::Mechanize. It uses Mozilla's Gecko HTML-rendering engine via the modules Mozilla::DOM and Gtk2::MozEmbed.
  • In my Mandriva system, I need to install package libmozilla-firefox2.0.0.6-devel by running
    This package provides both
    pkgconfig(firefox-gtkmozembed) and pkgconfig(firefox-xpcom).
  • Later I found I also needed to symbolicly link some libraries in package libmozilla-firefox2.0.0.6 from /usr/lib/firefox- to path /usr/lib. Otherwise the tests on Mozilla::Mechanize would fail bizarrely with lots of core dumps. I pinpointed the cause of core dumps through strace.

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