Saturday, October 22, 2011

Webdoctor on my HP TouchPad

Today is 10/22/2011 and I learned a lesson after installing an updated version of Advanced reset options (and the 5 packages it depends on) patch through preware,  which wiped all my installed apps out of my TouchPad (TP). I finally decided to doctor back to WebOS 3.0.2. Since the my palm account only allows me to restore 3.0.4 with webdoctor, I did the following instead.
  • Backup my data from Settings -> Backup (Important)
  • Put my TP into USB update mode
  • Run Webdoctor 3.0.2 downloaded from here with the following command
    java -jar "path of doctor-file"
  • Webdoctor actually failed at the first time I ran it and gave me an error says "Failed to reset the device"
  • Run webdoctor again and now it starts to flash
  • See the message "Reset Complete" from webdoctor and TP reboots
  • My TP is back in WebOS 3.0.2 and click on the "Done" button of the webdoctor.

    Now the TP had updated itself to 3.0.4 through OTA, I updated the kernel through preware. And I had to remove the Advanced reset options first.

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