Friday, September 23, 2011

Notes on my WD TV Live

  • Remote key sequence to start flashing firmware (without connecting to a TV or monitor)
    Load the firmware (wdtvlive.bin, wdtvlive.ver and wdtvlive.fff) files into a USB stick and I use a flash drive with a LED indicator, which blinks while being accessed.
    1. Plug the USB stick into the left side USB port and the stick is being accessed for a few seconds as indicated by the LED of the USB stick. 
    2. Push the Right arrow then Enter key on the remote. 
    3. Check the LED of the USB stick to see whether it's being accessed. If NOT, go back to repeat step 2. Otherwise go to next step.
    4. WDTV will reboot and flash the firmware. Wait until it's completed.
  • Command line to start flashing firmware (did NOT work for me)
    run_all upgrade
    /dev/sda1 wdtvlive.bin &

    Others had succeeded after killing some running processes as in this post.
  • Latest WDLXTV firmware version I know of is 1.05.04_V_WDLXTV.COM_WDLXTV_LIVE-
I found in this post the following changes were implemented since version - 2011-09-21
  * enable usb 5V bus power off + deep sleep mode (b-rad)
  * allow 'hot plug' of MSHEETDIR (b-rad)
  * lots of extra logging, bug report fattened (b-rad)
  * Issues:
  ** WDLXTV-PLUS DOES NOT SUPPORT 3TB HDD'S!!!! Tell WD you want this fixed (with netflix too)!!!
  **** The GPL wdtvlive2.fff is 6mo old and lacks support for 3TB hdd's + it deletes netflix keys!
  **** Email WD and tell them you want Netflix + WDLXTV + 3TB hdd support
  ** 1.05.04 dmaosd requests up to 65 search/related/etc results from
  **** YouTube at a time. If you have youtubeHD enabled, you might
  **** notice sluggishness with rapid fire YouTubage
  ** if you enable EIRI buttons down, right, & up buttons don't work on stock remote
  * For base firmware differences see:
  *** - 2011-09-15
  * assembly code patch to fix ISO's stopping working after playing a few (b-rad)
  * inotifywait-3.14 included to clean up the mess left over by the OSD when ISO's are stopped (b-rad)
  * stuck at 0% upgrade fix (b-rad)
  * localizations updated new: swedish, serbian, greek, catalan, netherlands, slovenian, danish, dutch, & slovakian
  * aufs included (b-rad)
  * linksheets converted to aufs to save memory (b-rad)
  * MSHEETDIR disables automagic linksheets scan (b-rad)
  * fix fuse module (b-rad)
  * ntfs-3g removed from automagic filesystem detection (b-rad)
  * bi2 fixes (b-rad)
  * fix upnp-cmd to support wireless interfaces (b-rad)
  * fix webend pw change not working on 1.05.04 (b-rad)
  * apache & mt-daapd init.d tweaks (b-rad)
  * added sparse mount option to ntfs (b-rad)
  * xml fix 1.05.04 video playback options menu data disappearing (2d)
  * various xml fixes (jumbalaya)

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