Saturday, September 17, 2011

Notes on Windows

  • How to reset/kill a non-responsive remote desktop session remotely
    Occasionally I see the following error when I try to connect the remote desktop 
    The requested operation cannot be completed because the Terminal connection is currently busy processing a connect operation
    When that happens, terminal services typically reject any new sessions.
    1. One may use the query command to get session ID and reset command to reset the session as found in this post.
    2. Alternatively one may use the tasklist and taskkill commands to kill the process that hangs the terminal services as found in this post.
  • How to use more than 4 GB memory with 32-bit windows 7/vista kernel
    I found the method from this post, which is applicable to both windows 7 SP1 and windows vista 32-bit. We know a PAE address is 37-bit long, which implies an address space of 2^37=128GB. As we know windows server 2003 (32-bit) may use 64 GB memory, in principle any PAE enabled kernel should be able to do that. After booting from a "true" PAE kernel, all 8GB memory installed was recognized by windows 7 (32-bit) and 7.74 GB is usable as shown below.
After dataram's ramdisk is activated with a 3GB ramdisk, task manager found that windows 7 (32-bit) used 4.68GB memory and 3126MB memory is avaible as shown below. 

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