Thursday, December 18, 2014

Value phones and inexpensive mobile family plan with 4G LTE data

A few smart phones that support 4G LTE data on Sprint's network were on sale with reasonable prices such as LG Optimus F3, LG TributeLG VoltHTC Desire 510 or Nokia Lumia 635. Their screen resolutions may not be full HD, but they have decent performance at their price range and in my opinion, they are great phones for Ting, Sprint's MVNO that has inexpensive mobile family plan.

On Ting, minutes, messages and data are pooled and shared between devices under the same account. You can have as many devices as you want on one account and each device costs $6 per month. There’s no premium charged for a mobile family plan and there isn't any weird line items on the monthly bills besides the taxes & regulatory fees. For example, to have 4 devices share 1000 minutes, 2000 global messages and 1 GB of 4G LTE data would have a total cost of $69/month plus taxes & regulatory fees at Ting, which is below $20/month per device. The 4G LTE data can be bumped to 2 GB for $10 more. At $79/month, it is still less than what I used to pay for only one device with 2 GB data at Verizon.

Most Sprint phones including these LG ones can be activated on Ting with the built-in hands-free activation after a Carrier Reset ##72786# (##SCRTN#). No flashing is necessary at all and you may also enjoy the 4G LTE data speed instantly with this phone that is not available from Page Plus or with a flashed device. If that doesn't sound good enough, Ting has started testing service on a GSM network since February 2015, which will allow both CDMA and GSM devices coexist under a single account and share a single pool of minutes, messages and megabytes.

What makes it even better is that Ting is giving out $25 credit for trying their service. The credit may be adequate for a month's free trial with Ting on one device. Click on this link to receive the promotion for $25 credit, which will show up upon successful activation.

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