Friday, November 25, 2011

USB loaders on Wii system menu 4.3U

The following are collected from various internet resources and I take no credit or responsibility on their effects or consequences. Below is a list of softmode guide applicable to any system menu version (4.3 and below).

USB LOADERs can load and launch all your favorite game backups from a USB hard drive, which may contain a primary partition formatted as WBFS or FAT32 or NTFS (no need to repartition the drive for Wii at all). They will work with official firmware 4.3 with a proper cIOS (e.g. cIOS 222). The cIOS gives HomeBrew access to the USB drive and the DVD drive, among other things. This allows the USB loaders to create/run backup games on/from your USB drive. No need to downgrade the firmware to 4.1.

  1. Enable Homebrew on a Wii. LetterBomb is a known IOS exploit working on system 4.3U without any game.  Download the HackMii installer V0.8 and have it ready before starting LetterBomb.
  2. Install the Homebrew channel V1.0.8 as part of the HackMii installer (as well as BootMii) following the LetterBomb instruction here.
  3. Restore the Trucha bug to IOS36, which enables installation of cIOS
    • Download DOP-Mii V16 from here (note NOT the WiiBrew Edition) and put the DOP-Mii subfolder (containing boot.dol) under apps folder of the SD card. Start DOP-Mii via Homebrew channel.
    • Follow the instruction here to restore the Trucha bug. Note when prompted for file source, select Load WAD from SD Card (instead of Downloading from NUS). The WAD files (IOS15*,IOS36*,IOS38*.wad)  can be obtained from the WeHackWii package.
    • Go on with the above instruction to uninstall stub IOS 222 and make space for cIOS 222
  4. Install the hermes cIOS 222, which gives USB loaders access to the USB drive and the DVD drive
    • Remove all GameCube memory cards and controllers
    • Download hermes cIOS Installer 5.1 and put the subfolder containing the file boot.dol under apps folder of the SD card. Start the installer from the HomeBrew channel
    • Select <IOS 36> with Trucha bug to run the installer and install custom IOS 222 using IOS 38 (default).
  5. USB loaders can now run properly from cIOS 222. No need to install cIOS 249.
  6. Install the USB loaders (USB loader GX as an example)
    • Download the USB loader GX v2.3 here and put the usbloader_gx subfolder (containing boot.dol) under apps folder of the SD card. Start it from the HomeBrew channel
    • The starting IOS in the loader setting may need to be changed to IOS 222 for faster load
    1. Download Priiloader V0.7 here and install it from HomeBrew channel
    2. Download the forwarder DOL for USB loader GX and install it within Priiloader. The forwarder may need to be named as boot.dol and placed in usbloader_gx subfolder under apps for installation. The original boot.dol should be renamed and is needed in later step.
    3. In Priiloader Settings, set Autoboot to Installed file and Return to Autoboot.
    4. Restore the original boot.dol of the USB loader GX (renamed in Step 2 above)
    5. Wii now boots straight into USB loader GX. Want to change Priiloader settings? Power Wii on while holding down the reset button on the Wii console and it will boot into the Priiloader main menu

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