Friday, November 20, 2009

Samsung SGH-A887 (solstice)

  1. QUALCOM USB mode of Samsung 3G phones:

    • Dial *#782872# and confirm after 2 seconds to activate the mode
    • Connect phone to PC USB port with USB cable
    • After the drivers are installed, the following two were found under Ports
      • PHD HS-USB diagnostics 9002
      • PHD HS-USB NMEA 9002
    • PHD HS-USB Modem 9002 was installed under Modems
    • Two USB Composite Devices were installed under Universal Serial Bus Controllers
    • To exit QUALCOM mode, dial *#726872# and confirm after 2 seconds

  2. Firmware downloader mode:

    • Power off the phone
    • Remove any memory card you may have and then remove the SIM card
    • Hold down the 'Volume down' key (The bottom rocker button on the left side of your phone) and the camera button and press the power on button. 
    • A887 should start up into a screen with these on the top: DEMSBL BOOT loader for MSM6290 More than Downloader V5.43
    • Get MultiLoader V5.56 here to download the firmware for MSM6290


Glenn said...

where do you download the firmware for a887 solstice?

D.J. said...

so far there isn't any