Sunday, June 24, 2007

SPDIF passthrough with my Turtle Beach Riviera

  1. Setup: Optical S/PDIF output of my Turtle Beach Riviera is connected to the input of my AV receiver

  2. Motivation: I tried to route digital audio stream to my home theater but I could only get PCM 48kHz on my AV receiver

  3. Useful reference for S/PDIF out on Riviera: Riviera - Frequently Asked Questions

  4. Previous problems: AC3Filter showed "SPDIF output is not supported" and SPDIF passthrough is disabled. Therefore only PCM output is obtained while input is AC3 or DTS. SPDIF input is NOT supported by the default directsound renderer of Riviera? More about Audio Renderer.

  5. SPDIF passthrough while playing back AC3/DTS encoded media files
    • Download and install the latest K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

    • I installed K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 2.20 which includes AC3Filter version 1.45b and Media player classic version

    • Important: Set the Directshow Audio renderer of Media player classic in Options->Playback->Output to Turtle Beach Riviera Wave as shown in the following picture (click to enlarge)

    • Modify the SPDIF tab of AC3Filter properties as shown in the following picture (click to enlarge)

    • In the above case the auido stream is encoded by DTS and passed to my AV receiver without changes via SPDIF. My AV receiver confirmed it's decoding DTS not PCM stream during play back.

  6. SPDIF passthrough while watching live TV with MediaPortal on my WinTV-HVR-1600
  7. Test SPDIF passthrough with GraphEdit on my WinTV-HVR-1600
    • Download DirectX 9 GraphEdit and register proppage.dll by running "regsvr32 proppage.dll" under CMD.

    • Build a directshow filter graph in GraphEdit as shown in one of the following pictures. Click here for a guide to GraphEdit.
      a) The simplest but working filter graph
      b) The remote graph obtained by GraphEdit while running MediaPortal My TV

    • Right click "Microsoft ATSC Network Provider" and click "Filter properties". Under "Tune Request" tab, enter the channel info on the right (WRAL HD as shown in the following picture). Then validate and submit.

    • Play the graph and test live HDTV with SPDIF passthrough

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